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Home Net Electronic Sdn Bhd bring electronic appliance step ahead

Home Net Electronic Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2006

Focused on distribution and retailing of electronic appliances. Through the years, we provide excellent aftersales service and high quality appliances at competitive prices which earned the trust and confidence from customers at our outlet in Puchong.

With years of industry experience, we stay true to our objectives, to deliver beyond expectations of customers and constantly improve customers’ shopping experiences.

In today’s smart and connected world, customers are making informed buying decisions and their valuable feedbacks have helped us move with times to remain relevant. Knowledgeable and well trained sales representatives further add to the advantage of shopping with us.

Based on customer feedbacks and thorough research, we diversified in 2010 from distribution and started manufacturing our line of appliances, D’Home and Amigos. These appliances are made to fill a gap in the local market where existing appliances are unable to fulfill.

We aim to further improve customers’ shopping experiences whenever they want to shop with an integration of digital and physical stores. By doing so, we’re able to keep our costs low and pass our savings to our customers.

Our Services

"Out with the old, in with the new!"

Upgrading appliances

Upgrading your appliances has never been so rewarding, with better technology, new appliances will save power resulting in lower electricity bills. Always look for Energy Efficiency rating and labelling on appliances to compare energy consumptions.

Improve your home

Improve family time with crystal clear LED television and home theater in the living room. Create a clean and modern kitchen space with new refrigerators, freezers, ovens and cookers. The latest kitchen appliances are designed with features that can increase food freshness, improve dish cleanliness, resist fingerprint smudges, and heat food with more precision than ever.

Save time with different appliances

New appliances can improve the way you run your home and minimize your time spent doing chores. We have washers and dryers to care for your clothes. Keep your indoor air cool and clean with an air conditioner and air purifier. Improve floor cleanliness with the latest vacuum or steam mop.


Home Net Electronic Sdn Bhd is recognized as a leader in electronic appliance distribution and retailing by international brands. Known for our outstanding commitment to improve our services, we received awards annually since 2013. We are the proud recipient of Sharp Platinum Award 2013, followed by Sharp Gold Award 2014 and 2015. Samsung awarded us the Samsung Solid Growth Award 2016 for our continuous growth.

Sharp Platinum Award 2013

Sharp Gold Award 2014

Sharp Gold Award 2015

Samsung Solid Growth Award 2016