Easy way to save energy at home

  1. Do laundry with full load
    Washing machines consume a lot of energy. Full loads will save energy by reducing the amount of times you’ll have to do your laundry and fully utilise the capability of the washing machine.
  2. Do laundry with cold wash
    Hot water makes your washing machine work a little harder and consume more energy. Setting your washing machine to a cold wash whenever possible will help save electricity.
  3. Clean air conditional filter
    Keeping your air conditioner filter clean keeps it running efficiently by allowing more cool air to flow out. So we should clean the filter weekly and appoint air conditioner technician to do a major cleaning annually.
  4. Use energy saving light bulbs
    Energy saving light bulbs consume less energy and last longer.
  5. Iron in bigger amounts
    Ironing bigger loads of laundry at once reduces the amount of times your cloths and bring down the energy usage.
  6. Fill kettle to the max level
    Make the most out of every boil with a full kettle to maximise the energy saving. And to save even more, store your boiled water in a flask to keep it warm for longer.
  7. Keep your kettle clean
    Lime scale on your kettle’s heater element slows down the heating process. Clean it regularly to keep it running more efficiently.
  8. Give fridge some space to breathe more
    Keep your refrigerator at least 10cm from the wall, and away from warm areas such as the stove. Proper positioning of your refrigerator can help it run more efficiently.
  9. An organised fridge makes room for energy savings
    An uncluttered fridge allows cool air to circulate more efficiently.
  10. Switch to instant water heaters to save more energy
    Unlike tank water heaters, instant water heaters save more by heating up only when in use.